Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dear Wahida...

Im writing this while waiting for my laundry to be ready..Let me briefly explain to u a lil bit n pieces of what my inner feelings are saying...first of all...i want u to know that u ar d one for me...d love of my fact..i see d traits of my future wife in for until still definite...feeling confident that one day i'l make u as my "dear" in my life everyday...that day off course after i graduate n a future together with u...

But happiness doesnt come easy as it were said...i knw we have to face lotsa obstacles...challenges that sometimes we ourselves felt like too much to bear...but remember this girl...i syg u...everything about u amazes me...i felt so secure being ur bf knowing that u'r loving me more n more everyday....i have weaknesses that for sure...pardon of my wrongdoings and misspoken words that torn that lovely heart apart...hope we can be happy everyday....sometimes...i may b viewed as an ignorant doesnt seem to be interested in ur feelings at all..but if u were here...if let say u were a friend over here...u would understand how am i missing u doubt about that...give some time n im sure u'l understand...that time will come...with a lil bit of hope n love and d combination of the two....u'l be greatly loved.....

love u...

Muhammad A. Norehsan
BS Petroleum Engineering
2015 Infinity Cir Unit 190,
Golden, CO 80401

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Hi dear bloggy,
Today is a public holiday for selangor. Like finally, I have 1 day off in the middle of workload hectic! Pheww! So.. Owh wait! Selamat menyambut Nuzul Al-Quran to all muslims on earth. Syukur! Day17 of fasting.. I feel so blessed.

I dont want to recap what was happened few days back then, it's kinda stewpid.. But.. Hahaha.. Ok, am telling u now.

I guess twenty-eleven (2011), is a year to settle down me. Tamo da main2. Focus to what I want and what I have. Praised to Allah,The Almighty. Life been pretty busy way back then. And yes, this year Ive spent most of my saving with touring/traveling.

Back to march 2011.
Again,2nd trip. I went to States. Kali ni da tak cemas da. Get used to it. Long journey...27hrs flight. What u expect? Jadi udang kering la. Alhamdullillah.. Smpai jugak. I went for a bout 3 weeks. Can't remember, but this time I spent more on shopping and eating. So my journey start frm kul-tpei-lax-sfo-all over california-Denver.

The more Bejalan..the more says habis duit. Trip was pretty good and fun. Bcs I never had a chance to have a road trip ...mcm Dlm tv tu. Seeronok...backpack,caravan.. Tp this time tade caravan.. He gets me a VW ..similar to VW Passat kot..but can't remember d tame.. Jetta if am not mistaken. Ok la.. It's a sedan car..and comfortable.. eh, kjp g smbung blk. 3.16pm (masa berenti)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2nd Blog


I've replaced my old blog to this one. :)
Rite now, i dont have any idea what to write and to say about. Owh! Life is getting better day by day. Alhamdulillah.  No one could understand. My life been upside down lately. Scary pun ada! Anyway, i should recap 1 by 1 what was happen to this so-called-life starting early January.
Sekarang dekat ofis. Tiba-tiba malas mode tu activate pulak. So..taraaa!! Then The Moon Peeks From The Clouds terlahir. :D
brb. ade keje kejap.